Geenee supports ‘The Ethical Travel Guide’ launch

Thursday April 27, 2006 12:33 PM

Last night Allan attended the launch of ‘The Ethical Travel Guide’ at Stanford’s Book Store in Central London. The Guide is an acknowledgement of travel organizations that demonstrate eco-tourism values. Geenee is a strong supporter of sustainable tourism and has a full page in the guide (shown below) Tricia Barnett the Director of Tourism Concern gave a stirring description of the benefits of tourism done correctly, as well as the many challenges remaining.

There are many attractions to home exchanging, but top of the list is the ability to immerse yourself in another culture. The ability to really come to understand people in other lands, and with that understanding comes respect. At the heart of ecotourism is respecting the local community, respecting the people, respecting their livelihood. Home exchange means living amongst the community, not shifting the community aside. No new hotels or resorts. And home exchange supports the local economy, because a home exchange visitor lives like a local, buys local produce and puts no extra pressure on local resources.

In a time when travel is forecast to triple in the next 20 years, home exchange is quickly emerging as the sustainable alternative to traditional travel. So when you are on your next Geenee holiday, take pride in the fact that you are also supporting sustainable tourism.

Ethical Travel Guide

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