Why we created Geenee

Over the years, we’ve travelled all over the world. And the best times have been when we stayed in real homes, and lived as locals. That way, you discover a city from the inside out – not the outside in. You tap into the real life of a place – not just its tourist attractions.

But arranging swaps was complicated and time-consuming, even with friends. And we only had so many contacts – matching up dates was pretty much pot luck.

The more we thought about it, the more we felt there should be some sort of service for people like us, who loved swapping homes but didn’t have time to run around organising everything. The home exchange websites we found were basically just noticeboards – lists of homes in varying amounts of detail.

Which isn’t really enough, is it? Even when there are photos, it’s usually just a couple of snapshots that you have to scour for clues as to the rest of the house (and its owners). What’s the d├ęcor like? Does that bed look comfy? Is the place clean?

What we wanted was a home-swapping site that actually helped you swap. A site that showed exactly what the homes on offer looked like, gave them clear ratings, and provided advice on things like insurance, swap agreements and all that stuff. There wasn’t one. So we built it. And we called it Geenee.

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