Tried and tested

If you haven’t swapped before, you’re bound to have concerns. After all, the idea of letting complete strangers live in your home is enough to give anyone the heebie-jeebies.

The good news is, people have been doing this for about 50 years. And it works. Tales of malicious damage or theft are as good as non-existent. And with Geenee, we all rate each other (like on eBay), so you can check the “reputation” of potential swappers. You’ll probably also trade emails and phone calls with them before the swap, so you get to know them that way, too.

It’s also worth mentioning that insurance companies are often much happier to know your home’s being lived in than that you’re leaving it empty. There’s more advice on insurance in here.

Security issues aside, it’s natural to assume that organising all this will be a pain in the neck. That’s why you can do so much more than just list your home with Geenee. We also give you everything we can think of to make the process as quick and simple as possible. (Like what? See Why Geenee?)

2 thoughts on “Tried and tested

  1. We get quite a few people trying to join from the UK for permanent home exchange. We cannot help with permanent exchanges, Geenee is for holiday exchange only.

    But if you want to do a holiday exchange with property which does not belong to you, no matter who actually owns it, Geenee has no problem with it, although you should obviously check with the owner as well – in your case, it would be the local council, but this applies equally to private landlords.

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