Why Swap?

Exchanging explained

If you’re like us, you love travelling. But how often have you had the feeling you’re only scratching the surface of a place? That you’ll never know it the way the locals know it?

Home-swapping, or home exchange, is the answer. And we think Geenee is the best possible way to do it. The idea is simple: you stay in someone else’s house while they stay in yours. Both of you get to experience a new place, from the perspective of a local. (And it’s much cheaper than a hotel.)

But unless you’re swapping with friends, or at least friends of friends, there are obvious concerns. Will they treat your home with respect? Will their house have everything you need?

At Geenee, we do everything we can to make swapping simple, secure and successful. We believe we’ve created a service that goes well beyond any home-swapping network you may have seen before. (What makes us so sure? Click here)

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