Geenee is committed to improving the quality of your search. As such, we have implemented GeeneeRank, a scoring system designed to reward our top members.

What are the benefits of a high GeeneeRank?

  • Geenee searches are sorted by GeeneeRank. This means that if you search for a set of criteria within any given city, the top GeeneeRank members will appear first if they meet those criteria.
  • The higher your property (or properties) appear in any search, the more enquiries you will get – which means that you have many more interesting exchanges being offered to you.

How can you improve your GeeneeRank?

Basically, by showing us that you are a great exchanger. Points are awarded for:

  • Receiving good feedback from other members based on positive exchange experience.
  • Responding to other members’ inquiries, whether you are interested in the swap or not. Saying “not interested” takes just a moment and is the courteous thing to do.
  • Adding pictures to your listing. To add pictures, click here.
  • Updating your calendar to let other members know when you are looking to travel and where. To update your calendar, click here.

2 thoughts on “GeeneeRank

  1. Hello, I wasn’t able to find an exchange with this site or others so I went about in a different way. Thanks to an article printed in the local paper where we wish to spend a sabbatical year we found an exchange. My question is if we choose to go through so as to have an intermediate what will this cost us? Your info is a little unclear.

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