Exchange Agreement

At Geenee, we have developed a new process that will make sure that all exchangers operate at the highest ethical standards. Also, we think it is easier to use than any other Exchange Agreement out there.

We know that the Home Exchange process is normally incredibly smooth, but at Geenee, we’ve made it our mission to create services to ensure that your trip goes smoothly every time.

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  • Sandra Upton:

    Who is responsible for the utility bills, the gas, electricity, water and sewage? The owner or the visitor?

  • Normally visits are for anything from a few days to a couple of weeks. In that case, it is more normal for the owner to pay, as they would be getting the services for free at the other end. However, there is no fixed rule, you can specify whatever you want in the agreement. As well as the standard items, there is an area of the agreement that can be used for anything that the exchange partners chose, and it would go there.

    Remember, if you have used Geenee Cover, and we are holding the deposit, you can always ask for us to withhold part of the deposit if some bills are excessive. However, I have to say, no members have ever told us that they have had a problem in this area.

  • Sandra Upton:

    Can I see a copy of your agreement, please?

  • There is no simple way to see the agreement, other than making an exchange through Geenee.

    However, it will appear when you start to make an Exchange, and is fully flexible, simple to understand, and can be changed by either member until both members agree, when it can be locked. We feel that it covers everything that you will need, but just in case it doesn’t, there are sections to cover anything that both exchangers choose to have covered.

    And in the unlikely event that you should need any help with details of your agreement, we are always here to help.

  • bernie bloomberg:

    I just want to understand your fee. If I arrange an exchange, it costs me $99?

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