What is Geenee Networks?

In a Geenee network you can chose to exchange or rent your home only with other people in your network (if you prefer). It’s like a club within a club. Geenee validates memberships of all networks so only join if you are eligible.

How do I start a network on Geenee?

Contact networks@geenee.com and our customer service team will discuss the best way to set up your network.

Why should my network be on Geenee?

We all belong to clubs, associations and alumni groups. This is where we ‘hang out’ with like-minded trusted people. Many networks already promote informal home exchange. We just want to make it easier for you to do what you are probably already doing.

Can anyone join a network on Geenee?

No. The membership of the network is determined by the specific network’s manager. You must be approved by the network’s manager in order to join the network.

How do I join my network?

You can join a network at any stage by going to My Geenee, where you will find networks under About Me – Community.

What is the difference between a Community and a Network?

Communities are self selecting and no proof is required. In a network, the network manager must approve your application to be a member of the network.

How many networks can I join?

You can join as many networks as you are eligible to join.

How do I make it so that only members of my network can contact me?

Go to your my Geenee page (you are automatically taken there when you login). Select ‘About Me’ and then select ‘Communities/Networks’. You can then decide to ‘only be contacted by people in this network’. Remember to click on ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the page.

How do I make it so non-members can’t see what groups I belong to?

Go to your my Geenee page (you are automatically taken there when you login). Select ‘About Me’ and then select ‘Communities/Networks’. “turn off” displaying your network logo to non-network members. With this off, only members from your network will be able to see the logo in your home description.

I still see my network logo even though I chose to not display my network logo to non-network members?

Since you are viewing your own home, the network logo will always appear.

How do I quit my group?

You are free to withdraw from a network at anytime. Just go to the Network page and click the link to leave the network.

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