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We all like being members of clubs and associations or even alumni groups. This is where we ‘hang out’ with like-minded people. In a Geenee network you can chose to exchange or rent your home only with other people in your network (if you prefer). It’s like a club within a club.

Geenee validates memberships of all networks so only join if you are eligible.

If you are interested in a dedicated network for your professional group, club, association or alumni group, please contact us

4 thoughts on “About Geenee Networks

  1. We are hoping to find a swap in Turkey for the month of September. We live in a very beautiful part of South Africa, on the Garden Route, in a town called Knysna.Anyone looking for an exciting adventure?

  2. Geenee Pete
    Thank you for introducing us to the world of holiday exchange.
    Unfortunately we no longer live in the house on the genee page identified as available for exchange.
    How do we remove the house from the website please? We have had a couple of inquiries from people who wish to exchange and we have had to disappoint them. Thank you in anticipation. David Rogers

  3. There is a “contact us” link at the top of every page, where you can ask us to remove it.

    There is no “automatic” removal available to members, because removal clears all your information, photos, and contacts, and we want to be sure that you really want to do it.

    In your case, I have passed your message on to Customer Support, who will be in touch with you.

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