Why Geenee?

Other home-swapping sites are essentially notice boards. You pay for the privilege of having your home listed. Some are better than others, but we think Geenee’s in another league.

The world’s coolest cities

Why? Well, firstly we’ve focused on the planet’s top cities – the ones we all want to live in. With homes in such desirable places, there’s a much better chance of matching up.

Making swapping easy

We know you’re busy. So we make swapping as simple (and secure) as possible. For example, we give you your own ‘My Geenee’ section, which lets you exchange information with other swappers without exchanging your private contact details (until you’re ready). We also provide as much help and advice as we can, from sample agreement templates to advice on preparing your home.

We’re pretty sure we’ve covered everything. But we’re only human, and we probably haven’t. So tell us what’s missing. Tell us what’s good about Geenee and what you’d like changed. Email us at our Contact Page to send us your views. And thank you – helping us means helping home-swappers everywhere.

If you haven’t joined, then you should join now. You have nothing to lose – except some wonderful holidays!

18 thoughts on “Why Geenee?

  1. looking to swap our 2 bed house in ardrishaig, currently dropped price from £125,000 to £110,000, seeking a house in or around manchester or warrington areas.

  2. Sorry, Don, but we can’t help you – Geenee is for holiday exchange only, not for permanent exchanges.

    Anyone wanting to exchange their home for a holiday, are most welcome to join – that’s the correct way to let people know about your house.

    The link to the join page is http://geenee.com/join – and it’s still free, but it won’t be for much longer.

  3. Would like to rent Northwest London, 1 week 9 (6nights) May 19 -25th. Live in NY, my wife and I would like to visit daughter who lives and works in London. Any possibilty of renting through Geenee?

  4. How do I see my own apartment once I’ve uploaded all my own details? I’d like to see what Geenee members see when they view my apartment in Paris. Thanks.

  5. When you log in, you are taken to MyGeenee.

    There is a button there, marked “View Listing”, and clicking on that will take you to the page for your property.

    There are two differences between what you see, and what other visitors will see. The first is the extra link at the bottom of the page, which should say “To update your property details, click here”, which obviously will not appear to other visitors. Secondly, the section where people can contact you, simply says “Your own property”, as there is little point in contacting yourself!

    To see exactly what other people see, make a note of your property, which you can see at the bottom right, something like “Ref: 123456”. If you log out, then you can visit your own page, by entering
    changing the number to match your property. This link is the link that you should use to advertise your home, or to send other people to your property page.

  6. want to know if our two bedroom condo at a private country club in Palm Desert,CA is of any interest for folks who like warm weather and golf in from Nov to May…first time looking into house swap….thanks

  7. The simplest way to find out is to enter your property. Amazingly, there is still no charge to do this.

    And the answer is usually – yes!

  8. Hi- you say you only pay when you find a match, but I can’t find anything that indicates how much.



  9. There is currently no charge when you join, or when you find a match.

    Previously, we used to charge if you wanted to use our Agreement system, or if you wanted us to hold a deposit for you.

    The Agreement system is now free, and we no longer accept new deposits.

  10. How much does it cost when match found? We have a Vancouver Canada 2 bedroom terrace Home and currently searching for Sydney other Australia Locations.

  11. i interested in swaping houses in pontefract or normanton for my house in Leeds , Farley has 3 bed rooms and a garage this property is conncel house and neer locle high , pramary school in 5 min walking distence

  12. This sounds like you are looking for a permanent exchange, because you mention schools. Geenee is for Holiday Home Exchange only, and not for permanent exchanges.

  13. I have 2 bedroom house by the sea in Garlieston, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland. Looking to holiday swap from November to March, some summer dates also co.sidered

  14. Looking to swap our sleep 6 villa in Costa de la Luz Spain for a sleep 6 house in Scottish Highlands. Dates available: last 2 weeks in July or any 2 weeks in August 2013

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