The Exchange Agreement

It’s important that both sides are clear about the details of your swap before the holiday. For example, do you want them to water your plants? Are they happy for you to use their car? How will you divvy up the phone bills?

We recommend putting all this stuff in an Exchange Agreement. Other swapping sites leave you to muddle through this on your own. But we’ve made it simple, by providing a sample agreement on your ‘My Geenee’ page.

This standard draft has all the basics in place, showing what most people prefer to do. You can stick with this or alter it to suit your specific needs. Using your ‘My Geenee’ pages, you and your swapping partner can make whatever changes you want until you’re both happy. Simple.

And as we’ll be able to see the final version of the Exchange Agreement, Geenee can also help settle any disagreements that come up after the holiday – although this is incredibly rare when you use our Agreements – both parties know what is expected.  Other sites leave you to sort it out for yourself, or just hope for the best. With Geenee, you can be sure and secure.

How it works

It all starts when you contact another member about an exchange, or another member contacts you. If  the other member has said that they are interested, then both members will see a link to “Start an Agreement” in their Contact Manager. You will both see the email address of the other member in the Contact Manager, so you can discuss details with the other member.

Click on the link to start the Agreement, and fill in your details. Each time one member fills in the details, the Agreement is sent to the other member, so it is possible for the a member to change the Agreement in view of what the other member has said. Perhaps you didn’t want the other member to use your car, but they have allowed you to use their car, so you have changed your mind.

Whatever you decide, any special restrictions that you choose to put in, are completely your own – the other member doesn’t have to match your agreement. One member can allow guests, whilst the other says no. As long as you both accept the terms of the Agreement, that’s fine.

When information from both Members has been entered into the Agreement, then you have the option to agree on the terms – click on “I accept” at the bottom of the Agreement to accept the Agreement as it stands.

If the other member makes any further changes after you have clicked on “I accept”, then of course, you acceptance of the Agreement is cancelled – because the Agreement was changed. You can make further changes if you wish, and you can click on “I accept” to accept the changes.

Once a member clicks on “I accept”, then that member cannot make any further changes to the Agreement – unless the other member changes something

Once both members have clicked on “I accept” – the Agreement is locked, and both members have the full details of the exchange in writing.

Finally, once your exchange is over, Geenee will contact you.  At that time, you can leave a comment on the other members pages, telling the world about your exchange.

Below is an example of an exchange agreement. Everything is automated to help you get from finding a home, to agreeing an exchange, as easily and quickly as possible.

Whilst members are going through the sequence of making an Agreement, then either member doesn’t reply in a reasonable period, the system will send a reminder.  If you receive a reminder, and you don’t want to exchange, simply cancel the Agreement. This clears up any possible confusion on either side!

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