Geenee sends out reminders to all our members, if they forget to respond to other members.

  • When a member makes an enquiry, and gets no response, we send reminders.
  • When a member is making an Exchange Agreement, and gets no response, we send reminders.

If you receive a reminder, it’s possible that the other member thinks that you are looking to exchange, when you are not, so always cancel if you are not interested – the other member doesn’t want to start making plans, if you are not going to exchange.

The speed of responses to enquiries is one of the factors that puts your home higher in the search results. So if you want more enquiries about your home, reply as quickly as you can.

Sometimes, a member will get an enquiry about their home, and clicks on “Yes, I am interested”, and sends a message which obviously shows that they do not want to exchange!  Our system doesn’t read the messages, it just checks on what was clicked.  And if a member clicks on “Yes”, our system thinks that they want to continue, and sends reminders about filling out an Exchange Agreement. Once again, if you are not going to exchange, clarify it to both parties by cancelling the Exchange Agreement.

If you are patiently waiting for a reply to an enquiry that you have made, you can see in your Contact Manager, in the right hand column, if Geenee has sent a reminder. And you can also send a reminder by clicking the link in the Contact Manager.

Please answer other members when they send you a message – it’s only polite, and it’s what you would want when you made an enquiry.

1 thought on “Reminders

  1. We have agreed the agreement on both sides but it has not been locked how do we lock the agreement please? So do both sides pay the gee nee fee? Is it 99 pounds? Do we get references from each other?
    Thanks, me era

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