Geenee etiquette

Geenee is an international community of like-minded people. And we all follow a clear set of swapping guidelines, which we call “Geenee Etiquette”.

Respecting each other, and each others’ homes, helps make sure every Geenee holiday goes smoothly and happily. So please keep these simple points in mind.

  • Provide your guests with a clean, safe and secure home.
  • Describe your home honestly and accurately: better to be pleasantly surprised than disappointed.
  • Respond equally promptly to all members’ emails.
  • Don’t ask your guests to do any household chores you haven’t agreed in advance.
  • When you leave, clean your holiday home and leave everything as you found it. Standards of cleanliness differ, but if everyone aims high, no-one will be disappointed.
  • We’re all human, and things occasionally go wrong or get broken. Be honest about any accidents or problems, and they’re bound to be easily resolved.

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