6. Ratings and Reviews

Just like on eBay, our members build up a rating based on your feedback. So once you’re home from your holiday, let us know how it went. We want to know what you loved most about the home and the location, and what you might have changed, given the chance.

We email you the form automatically, and it doesn’t take long to fill in. But it’s invaluable in making sure every Geenee holiday is as good as it can possibly be.

6 thoughts on “6. Ratings and Reviews

  1. Seven days after the end of the exchange, you should get an email from Geenee, asking for a few details and comments, and asking for permission to refund any deposits held by Geenee. This should give you ample time to unpack, and check things out!

    Anyone contacting us before seven days, will be dealt with by reply of email. In your case, the email is due to be sent on the day that I replied to your comment here! Your email will be sent over the next few hours.

  2. I would like to post a review for the Meek’s residence. I have stayed there in July 2012. Can you post it for me?

  3. When you have completed an exchange using our Contract Exchange system, you should be able to add a review. There is normally a time limit for entering a review of about one month after the end of the exchange.

    I can’t see any details of a Contract Exchange, just a Contact which both parties where both parties were interested in discussing an exchange. If you completed a Contract with the other member, please send details to our Customer Support by clicking on Contact Us at the top of most pages on the site, and we will look into it.

  4. I want to post a review of a two-month exchange that finished three days ago. We did not enter into a contract. Can I still make a review to help potential exchangers?

    Regards, Elissa

  5. If you use Geenee’s Exchange Agreement you will automatically be sent an invitation to provide feedback about three weeks after the end of the exchange, and so will your exchange partner. However, if you do NOT use Geenee’s exchange agreement, your exchange will be done independently of Geenee, and in this situation it will unfortunately NOT be possible for you to provide any feedback.

    But why choose such a risky course of action when you can do an exchange through Geenee with much greater safety?

    We hear now and then from members who have chosen to exchange without Geenee’s Agreement and found out, too late, that their exchange has been unsatisfactory in one way or another. In this situation, without a formal Agreement, there is of course unfortunately nothing Geenee can do to assist.

    We would therefore advise our members to be very cautious indeed if their potential exchange partner suggest that they go ahead without an Agreement, “just on trust”, as it were: there is often some unhealthy reason why the exchange partner does not want to enter into a formal Agreement, so be warned!

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