5. Getting your home ready

Geenee holidays are all about living the real life of the city. But that doesn’t mean dusting its bookshelves, too. You’ll want to be greeted by a home you can enjoy as your own – and so will your guests. So it’s important to get your house in order.

Standards of cleanliness differ, so aim high. And your guests will need somewhere to put their stuff, so clear them enough space on shelves, in wardrobes and in drawers. Make sure your bathroom bits and pieces are out of the way, and so on. Basically, create the sort of place you’re hoping to find when you get to your holiday home.

Your guests will need a fresh supply of clean bath and hand towels, and adequate amounts of bed linen. You should also supply some simple toiletries, cleaning products, and cooking items (like oils, flour and basic seasonings).

We recommend you also make at least one closet or small room “off-limits” to guests, and put all your personal and irreplaceable items in there.

Finally, put together a simple ‘House Book’, with emergency contact numbers and manuals for appliances.  It’s also a nice idea to add the names of any favourite restaurants, bars, kids’ activities and so on in your area.

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