2. Find an exchange

Your security is our top priority. That’s why all our members have their own “My Geenee” page (shown below). This lets you contact other members without revealing your name or contact details until you’ve identified a potential swapper. Even then, you only need to give them your e-mail address. It’s up to you when to give them your full details.

You can also use ‘My Geenee’ to store your favourite homes or update your details. It’s also important to keep your calendar up to date, or you could miss out on potential exchanges.

To find a holiday home, just choose from one of our featured cities, or from anywhere else in the world. You can get in touch with as many members as you like, and keep track of all your contacts, through ‘My Geenee’.

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6 thoughts on “2. Find an exchange

  1. I have joined and entered my details but they were incorrectly edited. What should I do. I’m not sure I uploaded photos correctly – can I check? Hoe do I find out if someone is interested in my property once details entered – slightly confused!!!

  2. Quite a few questions here!
    However, if you want to edit your details at any time, just visit
    You will be able to edit your details from here.

    If you visit
    you will see a button marked “View Listing”, and visiting here will show you what visitors to your page can see.

    Finally, when other people are interested in your property, the system will send you an email, and you can log in and see their message, and a link to their property.

    Hint – make sure that your calendar is up to date, to get more enquiries.

  3. We want to stay in Manhattan in August. Is there a way to send out multiple inquiries all at one time (rather than sending an inquiry one-at-a-time)?

  4. Do you have a reverse search option where we can say where we’d like to go and someone can send an inquiry to us?

  5. We originally allowed this, but so many members asked us to remove it, because of the number of spammy requests that they were getting, that we removed the facility

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