Making swapping simple

We created Geenee for people like us. People who want to go beyond the guidebook and discover new cities as they really are. People who love the idea of living like a local.

The thing is, most of us have enough on our plates without trying to organise house-swaps with strangers. Hence Geenee: a simple, secure way to swap homes with like-minded travellers in other cities.

In seven simple steps, you can become part of an international community of home swappers. You’ll also be able to tap into our growing library of information, guidance and advice, as well as exclusive Geenee deals on local activities. It’s the way home-swapping should be.

25 thoughts on “Making swapping simple

  1. Just send a us a message, by clicking on “Contact Us” at the top of the page, and let us know if you want us to permanently delete everything from your account, or if you want to suspend your membership for some reason.

    If all you want to do is suspend your membership, as an alternative, you could simply mark your calendar as “unavailable”. Just go to
    and select the dates, and mark your property as unavailable.

    If we delete your account, absolutely everything is permanently removed.

  2. At the moment, Geenee is free to join, with full membership facilities.

    When you find an exchange partner, you may choose to use Geenee Cover for the security of your, and your exchange partners. Part of the Geenee Cover service is to hold a security deposit safely.

    Under no circumstances should you pay anything as an exchange deposit, direct to other members. In common with other exchange sites, we have had Bad Guys asking for deposits on non-existent properties. It couldn’t happen if both exchange partners choose to use Geenee Cover.

  3. I am not interested anymore to make an exchange. How do I take my home out of geenee.
    Thank you

  4. The correct (and fastest!) way is to send a message to our Customer Support, and you can find a link to do this at the top of just about every page on site, marked Contact Us, or something similar. As you have already asked, I will contact them myself, and they will need to send you an email to confirm exactly what you want us to do.

  5. Replies to your enquiries will appear in your MyGeenee inbox.

    If a member is interested in discussing an exchange with you, their response will appear in the central column, marked “Message”, together with the message “For further contact, e-mail“, giving you the other members email address. They will also see your email address at that time. You can then discuss the finer details by regular email. Please use GeeneeCover, to for the protection and security of both parties. Never agree to pay any deposit direct to the other member, always make any payment via GeeneeCover, and have the assurance that your deposit is safe, and that the other member is genuine.

    If a member is not interested in discussing an exchange with you, then neither party will see the other parties email address, as the discussion is over.

  6. How do I specify on my flat page that I would like to swap my flat in Paris for a similar flat in San Francisco?

  7. You can enter the text into the “About Us” section. However, to set your property so that exchangers can search for properties in Paris to exchange with United States, visit your calendar page,

    If you select the dates that you are looking to exchange, you will see a pop up, where one of the entries is “Destination”. You can select which country you want to visit from here. Visitors to your page will be able to search for properties in France who want to exchange with properties in the US, and your comments in the “About Us” section will clarify exactly what you are looking for.

    You can also search for exchange partners yourself, by visiting the search page, looking for properties in United States – you can go down as far as California – then ask for people who want to visit Paris.

  8. Where can we state where we want to go. I may have stated at the beginning but now can’t find where to amend.

    Where can we insert a link to our Google Street location

  9. You can specify where you want to go, when you say when you want to go.

    Go to your calendar page, and create a new entry. You can then specify what dates you want to exchange, and where you would like to exchange with. This means that you can ask about visiting one place in summer, a different place in spring, a different place during the summer months, etc. The calendar is very important, because all searches are done with dates, and if you don’t make any entries in the calendar, you will always turn up low down in any searches that are made.

    You cannot change your map. You seem to be saying that you want to point to your exact home, rather than the area, as at present. We don’t point precisely to your home, for security reasons. If your map is showing the wrong location, please contact customer services, you will see the link at the top of most of our pages.

  10. Hi, is west midlands featured on your site, I’m particularly seeking after Birmingham. I can’t see it amongst the filter.

  11. I do not have a big home, I have a small studio in a City Providence with a big university. Can I list For exchange for a place in london? Or does that not work?

  12. I’m searching for a method of becoming involved. Would you direct me to that page, please. We live in the Smoky Mountains, Cherokee County, 100 miles south of Ashville, NC. Our rancher is in the Natahala Forest which is beautiful, having cascading resort sports.

  13. At the bottom of the home page is the “join” button. Click on that, enter a few details about your home, when you want to exchange and where you want to visit, and that’s it.

  14. If you want to exchange your home for a holiday in KC, then you need to join Geenee. But Geenee is for holiday home exchange only, we don’t do permanent exchanges.

  15. (1) Go to and log in.

    (2) Click on “My Home” in the central column.

    (3) Click on “English Description” in the left-hand column. This brings up the text boxes for “Description”, “Neighbourhood” and “About you”, corresponding to “Our Home”, “Our Neighbourhood” and “About Us” on the actual webpage.

    (4) When you have edited the text as you wish, press “Save” at the bottom of the page.

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