Would someone want to visit my area?

Just because you don’t have a deck overlooking Venice Beach, or a penthouse on the Champs-Elysées, doesn’t mean your place won’t be popular. At Geenee, we’re excited about making travel part of everyday life – not just an annual blow-out.

The fact is, people travel for all sorts of reasons – often to get as far from the madding crowd as possible. About half of all travel time is spent visiting family, and school or university reunions are increasingly popular – for those sorts of trips, a real home has got to be better than a chain motel.

4 thoughts on “Would someone want to visit my area?

  1. You will see your home if you search for a home sleeping 5 in North America – Canada – British Columbia. When I searched, it was about 12th in the search.

    However, your home would appear higher in all searches if you added the dates that your home was available for exchange. As I write, you have nothing in your calendar. Since all searches are by date, you always come in a lower section marked “The following homes don’t match your search criteria but may be of interest to you.” The reason that your home won’t match any search, is that, no matter what date anyone searches for, your home is not marked as available for those dates.

    Other factors which affect search position are pictures – you have added some for your property – the speed at which you respond to enquiries, and how often you log in. We all want to talk to exchangers who are going to give us quick responses, so they go to the top of the list.

  2. We are visiting family in the Netherlands, so that is
    the country we want to exchange with.
    Dates requested are Nov.23 ’11 to Jan. 3’12. However we can be flexible with in these dates. Hope you can help, Deanna Vlam. Fremantle, West Australia.

  3. You are much more likely to get a response if you go onto the site and ask people who live there. Go to
    and select Netherlands, you will see a wide range of people looking to exchange.

    Remember that you will appear higher in the searches, AND will get more responses, if you can let people see a few pictures of your home.

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