How much does it cost to join?

Well, nothing at all.

At the moment, there are no charges, no fees, and no costs, to join Geenee. So for the time being, there is no membership fee.

Our goal is to help new exchangers learn the process by allowing them to list their property, browse other properties and contact other members for free. And, when they find that perfect exchange, we encourage our members to take advantage of our Geenee Cover to make sure they have a secure and comfortable exchange.

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  • Per Stangeland:

    Do you charge a fee when exchange contracts are established?
    Do you charge this, or any other amounts, from the deposit accounts?

  • There is no fee for establishing an exchange contract. There is nothing taken from the deposit (is that what you mean?) – the amount of the deposit is returned in full when there is no claim to be made.

    There is a charge of 99 USD for various services, which would normally be charged when two parties have agreed all the details of their exchange, and full details are at our page about Geenee cover

    Update – there is currently no charge for Geenee Cover

    The advantage of Geenee cover is that all your terms and conditions of exchange are fully laid out and understood between both parties, and the deposit is held by a known third party, Geenee. We have heard of people asking for deposits on non-existent properties, so the exchanger doesn’t get their exchange, or their deposit refunded. This can’t happen if you use Geenee Cover.

  • franca dini:

    Which is the amount you charge in euros? (99USD) thanks Franca Dini

  • The exact amount changes with the exchange rate. At the time of writing we would be charging 72.18 Euros.

    There is currently no charge for Geenee Cover

  • avril allan:

    How do I edit my advert details?

  • Log in, and you will be taken to MyGeenee.

    On that page, you have About Me, to edit details about yourself and who you will be travelling with, My Home, to edit details about your home, and My Travels, to update your calendar with when you are available to exchange, and where you would like to visit.

  • chris wren james:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaagh- seems I have lost all my saved info as I was just about finished. Any chance of retreiving it? Thanks

  • You can’t lose *all* your data, it is saved as you are going along. Just log back in, and pick up where you left off.

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