How do I add photos?

It’s easy. Just go to “My Geenee”, then “My Home”, and choose “Photos”. You’ll see a button for uploadingĀ  .jpg files directly from your hard drive. It’s also worth adding some brief comments to complete the picture. You can upload up to eight photos.

2 thoughts on “How do I add photos?

  1. If you log in to Geenee
    you will be taken to your private area, where you control everything about your account, your home, and your exchanges. This section is called MyGeenee.
    Click on “View Listing”, and you will be able to view your home, or add a second home. Just click on the name of your home, and you will be taken to the public view of your home.

    As your home is number 122428 on our system, you can point people to this page, by simply adding your home number after – in your case, this would be

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