Can I offer my home while I’m elsewhere?

Of course. Usually, a Geenee holiday involves staying in someone’s home while they stay in yours. But we’re seeing more and more “non-simultaneous exchanges” – especially as more people have second homes. This rather complicated phrase just means you’re not in each other’s homes at the same time. For example, you might offer your home while you’re away visiting family, in return for a similar arrangement when your swappers are away from their home.

4 thoughts on “Can I offer my home while I’m elsewhere?

  1. I just noticed your FAQ: “Can I offer my home while I’m elsewhere?”
    Is there a specific field to explain that fact when I am listing my property?

  2. Yes, if you visit the page
    there is a check box marked
    “Available for non-simultaneous exchanges”

    Checking this will indicate that your home is available for exchange when the two parties exchange on different dates, which is what we mean by a non-simultaneous exchange.

    You can also offer your home for rental.

    Visitors will expect to have some proof that your home exists prior to making any payment for rental. We also strongly recommend that any making any kind of exchange uses Geenee Cover which guarantees your deposit.

  3. Hi, we are looking to exchange but we would also be interested in putting our home out for non-simultaneous stay and also whilst we are there too – how do I show on my list that this is available.


  4. Go to your calendar, which is at
    Click on the date from which your property will be available, and up pops a window. In that window, you will be asked for the date from which your home is available (which will be filled in with the date that you just clicked on), the “to” which your property is available, and a drop down, where you can offer your home for exchange, non-simultaneous exchange, etc.

    And if you get stuck, click on [contact us] at the top of this page, and one of our support people will answer any detailed questions that you may have,

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