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How do I know my home will be safe?

If you haven’t swapped before, you’re bound to have concerns. After all, the idea of letting complete strangers live in your home is enough to give anyone the heebie-jeebies.

The good news is, people have been doing this for about 50 years. And it works. Tales of malicious damage or theft are almost non-existent. And at Geenee, we all rate each other (like on eBay), so you can check the ‘reputation’ of potential swappers. You’ll also trade emails and phone calls with them before the swap, so you get to know them that way, too.

Not only that, but home insurers and the police know your home is much safer if you’ve got swappers living there than if it was standing empty.

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What sorts of people do this?

Most swappers are professionals (doctors, lecturers, and so forth), executives, or retired people. They’re usually in an upper income bracket, well educated and experienced travellers. Basically, they’re people who relish the real experience of a place, not just a tourist package.

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How much does it cost to join?

Well, nothing at all.

Geenee is proud to offer our members a number of services that we think will help you have a great Home Exchange experience, including our Geenee Cover

Our goal is to help new exchangers learn the process by allowing them to list their property, browse other properties and contact other members for free. And we encourage our members to take advantage of Geenee Cover to make sure they have a secure and comfortable exchange.

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My home isn’t getting much interest

If business is slow, give it a helping hand. Don’t just wait for offers – have a look around and search our homes. Make a few enquiries – it never hurts to ask. Also, make sure your details are current and complete. And put up as many pictures as you can: photos promoting the highlights of your home make a massive difference.

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How do I add photos and panoramas?

It’s easy. Just go to “˜My Geenee”, then “˜My Home”, and choose “˜Photos” or “˜Panoramas”. You’ll see a button for uploading digital .jpg files directly from your hard drive. It’s also worth adding some brief comments to complete the picture. You can upload up to ten photos and two panoramas.

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We’d rather not have children staying in our home – can we say so?

Of course you can – it’s your home. Your “My Geenee” page lets you customise your profile exactly as you want it, and part of that may be limiting the sort of swappers you’re after. For example, you might prefer non-smokers, no pets, no small children. If you’re an experienced swapper, you might prefer to swap with others like you. Whatever you prefer, that’s the way you should have it.

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Would someone want to visit my area?

Just because you don’t have a deck overlooking Venice Beach, or a penthouse on the Champs-Elysées, doesn’t mean your place won’t be popular. At Geenee, we’re excited about making travel part of everyday life – not just an annual blow-out.

The fact is, people travel for all sorts of reasons – often to get as far from the madding crowd as possible. About half of all travel time is spent visiting family, and school or university reunions are increasingly popular – for those sorts of trips, a real home has got to be better than a chain motel.

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How do I delete my listing?

If you are no longer able to swap or rent your home, or would simply like to remove your listing from Geenee, simply contact us

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What about insurance?

Most home insurance policies will cover swappers. After all, it’s the same as letting you friends or relations stay in your home while you’re away. As you can imagine, most insurers would much prefer you to have people looking after your home than for it to be empty.

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Can I rent a Geenee home?

Why not? You might as well make some extra money while you’re away. Geenee members can offer their homes for rent any time they like, at no extra charge. Just add the rental periods you’re offering, and the rates, on your Geenee calendar.

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What sort of home do I need?

Anyone can be enjoy swapping with Geenee, whether you’ve got an apartment on Fifth Avenue, a houseboat on the Thames or a mobile home in the country. There will always be people interested in swapping with you. If you rent your home, make sure you check with your landlord – but most landlords are happy to know the home is being lived in while you’re away.

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How do I protect my privacy?

Your privacy and security are our top priorities. That’s why all our members have their own “˜My Geenee” page. This lets you contact other members without revealing your name or contact details until you’ve identified a potential swapper. Even then, you only need to give them your e-mail address. It’s up to you when you give them your full details. Keeping your email addresses secure also helps protect you against spam and unwanted e-mails.

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Can I offer my home to swappers while I’m elsewhere?

Of course. Usually, a Geenee holiday involves staying in someone’s home while they stay in yours. But we’re seeing more and more “non-simultaneous exchanges” – especially as more people have second homes. This rather complicated phrase just means you’re not in each other’s homes at the same time. For example, you might offer your home while you’re away visiting family, in return for a similar arrangement when your swappers are away from their home.

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30 thoughts on “Help

  1. I have been commenting that one has to go all the way out of the website after sending an email to a member….and wanting to send another email to another member. I just noticed a button “BACK TO SEARCH”, that permits continuing sending emails to another member without going all the way out.

    Thanks for getting your act together to make the process more efficient.

    Mike Novitsky
    Wilton, CT

  2. We always listen to comments, and whenever reasonable, do what we can to change things. Your problem was caused by an earlier request to cut the confusion, and the number of keypresses required, when trying to send a message, if you were not logged in when you started. And we missed the point that you kindly brought to our attention.
    Thanks for your input, it is appreciated.

  3. Hello! I’m trying find the way to response the messages that the people send me but i don’t find the reply button… How can reply them?

  4. If this is your first response to an enquiry – you have two choices

    • You will have been sent an email to tell you that a member is making an enquiry. You can respond by clicking one of the links in the email
      • you can click on the the link in the email to tell them that you are interested
      • you can click on the the link in the email to tell them no thanks,
      • or you can click on the the link in the email to tell them maybe later.
    • If you don’t have the email, simply go to your contact manager, the message will be in your inbox, and can you make the same three responses from there

    If the member is replying to your enquiry, or you have already contacted each other, you can email each other direct, using the email address that appears in the centre column, the message column, in your inbox or outbox

    Rather a complicated answer, but there are so many options, depending on how far you have got with your negotiations. You haven’t said if you are talking about members asking you about exchanges, or if you are talking about you asking members about exchanges, or if you have already starting talking to the member, so I have tried to answer all cases.

    If you are talking about just one particular enquiry, and you still can’t find how to reply, please contact Customer Support, let us know which enquiry you are talking about, and we will give you specific instructions.

  5. There are a number of ways to reach your Calendar page, but the simplest way is to log in, then visit your own calendar page, for your own property – the page that the public can see.

    When an owner visits their own calendar page, there is a link at the bottom which will take the owner direct to their calendar page.

    Alternatively, you can find it by logging in, and going to My Geenee – My Travels

    You can also use the direct link

    As you have more than one property listed, you can “change property” by logging in and going to My Geenee – View Listings or by using the direct link

    But the simplest way, is the first method given above – simply log in, and visit your property.

  6. Hi,
    We joined your site over a year ago and have not accessed it for a while and since then we have changed our email address. Is our house still on your sight and how do we get access, Our house is in Barwon Heads Australia,

  7. As a general point, we do not completely remove properties unless we are specifically asked to.

    If your email address is bouncing, then we suspend your membership. This means that you cannot access your account, your property is removed from the searches, and anyone visiting your page (because they already know the page for your home) will see a message which says that your membership is suspended, and will not be able to contact you. Further, anyone with outstanding Contacts with you, will see a red message in their contact manager, explaining the situation, and allowing them to cancel their Contact.

    In your case, you should try using your old email address and password, to see if you still have access. If you are having problems, then contact our Customer Support – you can find a link to them in all pages of our Help section. Alternatively, just ask Customer Support, giving your old email address, and they will look into the situation for you.

  8. Please send a message to our Customer Services, at

    All details of properties and / or members are completely removed from our database on request. Since everything is completely deleted, we like to do it ourselves, to be sure that it is only done when it should be!

    You can either have a property suspended, or deleted. A member without any properties listed is either suspended or deleted from our membership (depending on whether the property is suspended or deleted), because they obviously have nothing to exchange with.

  9. I assume that you are going to the page

    Normally, if someone makes an enquiry about your property, you will see a picture of their home in the left column, “Property”, their message to you in the centre column, “Message”, and your options to reply in the third column, “Status”. For a new enquiry, you will see two options,
    YES, I am interested
    NO, I don’t want to exchange

    Click on one of those, and you will be able to send a message to the other member.

    If you don’t see those, then the enquiry is possibly not a new one, and there are various options in the right hand column. If you are still having problems, or don’t see the options that you want, please send us a message, and we will look into it. It would help us to know what email address you use to log in with, and the property reference number in the enquiry, which is in the left column – the word “Ref” is followed by the six digit property reference. With that information, we will be able to offer a speed suggestion.

  10. When searching the listings it would be useful if property owners choices of destination was displayed. maybe it is and i have missed it

  11. There are two options for you.

    If you are looking for people who have specified where they want to visit, you can visit our search page,
    and click the checkbox marked “Only members interested in my location”. You can then select your location from a drop down list.

    Also, when you look at the lists of properties, you can see where the people have chosen to visit. This can be seen in the right hand column, in the third row. Initials of the country that they want to visit appear here. Moving your mouse over the the initials will show the location. Many leave it as OO, open to offers, but some are more specific.

  12. Hi – I have just made some exchange enquiries but in 3 cases the messages did not appear properly in my outbox – only ‘hello’. I then re-sent the message by sending a reminder – and still it did not work. How can I re-send? Do I have to cancel the enquiry and then start again? Cheers.

  13. In fact, although you have sent eight exchange enquiries, only three of these did not appear properly, and of these, two have been responded to. And you have had full messages sent, both before and after these messages which did not appear correctly. Sadly, not all members respond to enquiries anyway, so you may have had all the replies that you are going to get. There are over 15,000 properties listed, so I would suggest that you just leave the member who has not responded, and look at other members.
    However, the short messages – are you writing the messages in some other software, then copying them in? If that is the case, you may be using a program which puts it’s own formatting in – Microsoft programs are the worst offenders. If this is what you are doing, I would suggest that you write your message using different software. If this is not what you are doing, then I really don’t know what is happening – most of your messages were correctly laid out, and thousands of messages are being sent correctly, both on Windows computers, and on Apple Macs.
    If this reply does not help you sufficiently, then please write to our customer support, you will find the link at the top of most of our pages, where we can look into it in more details.

  14. I assume that you are asking for a search to find “who wants to visit my area?”

    If you visit the main search page, you will see a number of entries on the left hand side. The second one down is a checkbox marked “Only members interested in my location”. Click here, and select your location, and you will see all the members wanting to visit the area where your home is.

    The drop down asks which area, as some members have more than one home listed – perhaps a main home and a holiday apartment – so you can choose which area here.

  15. Hi There, we are looking to do a house exchange in the Seychelles, but cannot find Seychelles listed any where. Does this mean that you have no listings for this destinantion ?
    Ken and Monica

  16. At the moment, there are no members actively wanting to exchange in the Seychelles, so nothing is appearing for a search.

    Properties for exchange in the Seychelles will be found under Africa, when there are any active.

  17. I received an expression of interest from (someone). How do I find out more about them and their home, please? Thank you for a speedy reply. Gillian

  18. I checked, and your email address is not registered with Geenee, so I cannot help you specifically, other than to say, information about their property will be in the email which was sent to you by Geenee, full details and a link to their property will be in your Travel Manager, and, if you reply that you might be interested, you can ask them directly for any further information that you need.

  19. How do I split dates on the Calendar say 1st April to 1st June 2013 and then 1st November to 1st June 2014.

  20. You left-click on a date in the Calendar. A form called “Create Calendar Entry” will then pop up, where you can fill in relevant details.

    Then you just repeat the process for each period you want to enter.

  21. Why there is so many people in this website that never ansswer to a request, even just to say “no, thanks”? I have swapped my home +30 times with other home swap sites and have never found so difficult to get an answer as it is with geenee. I can’t understand why! I suggest that, as it’s a free site, you delete or hide for a certain amount of time the adds of those people that do not answer to a certain number of swap requests. Thanks for listening to!

  22. Geenee does actually have an encouragement function, which means that members who reply to all requests are given a higher ranking in our our system (they will come up higher in searches), but there is of course nothing we can do if they actually refuse to follow this recommendation.

    As we often tell members, simply not responding to enquiries is not a good plan, since their property slides down the list of properties being suggested in response to searches, and a simple ‘no thank you’ is more polite, as well as being more beneficial for themselves.

    But, that said, it might actually be worth primarily looking for people who have a record of exchanges, and whose pages show good feedback from other members.

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