Not everyone is as honest as you

We have removed a member from our lists, because they were asking members for deposits – but members who paid these people deposits would never get them back. We understand that they have done the same on other holiday home exchange sites.

It seems that they wanted $2500 for a deposit – but the apartment that they were offering in New York City did not even exist!

They had only been listed for a few days before we deactivated them, and we have contacted members who have been in contact with them to warn them.

But this is one of the reasons that you are better exchanging with Geenee.  Geenee can hold your deposits for you, and that means that your money will not just disappear – we hold it safely for you, and with over 14,500 members, you know that your deposit is safe!

Be safe, be Geenee

Author: Geenee Pete

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