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  1. A question. I am very interested in the home offerd for holiday exchange in Heemstede, the Netherlands. Ref 119 388.
    How/where, do I go from here? We need dates of travel
    and I am not sure re their destination.Hope fully it will be
    Thank you, Deanna Vlam, Fremantle, West Australia.

  2. Go to their property page. Just type the address into your browser,, followed by the number – so in this case,

    At the bottom of the page is a picture of an envelope, and the text “Exchange Enquiry”. Click on that, and send them a message. Don’t give out your personal details yet, you don’t need to. Basically, something like “We are interested in possibly exchanging in July. Would you be interested?” They will receive a message, containing a link to your property page, so that they can find out about your home. If they reply that they are interested, then both of you will be given each others email addresses, and you can continue to discuss the details by regular email.

    As to destinations, they have not said where they want to visit, nor have they said when they want to exchange. If they had, then it would appear on the right, under “When and Where”. As they haven’t specified, you will just have to ask them.

    Because they haven’t said where or when they want to exchange, they won’t get as many enquiries, because the search works on dates, so their property will never come high in the results. It is in everyones own interest to display when they are available to exchange.

  3. Hi, my status is “pending activation”. I believe I have completed my registration procedure. Do I need to do something, or just wait?

  4. Just wait! Your application seems to have been completed in the last hour or so, and will be checked by a “human” before you are activated, which should take place within 48 hours (but is often quicker).

  5. I have had a responce to an enquiry but can not respond,it keeps saying i have made too ;any contacts today,even after waiting for two days,help

  6. If you have any queries at all, there is a link at the top of most pages, “Contact Us”, which takes you to a page where you can send a message to our Customer Support people.
    In this case, I will look into the matter myself, and will get back to you privately when I have resolved it, which shouldn’t take long.

  7. You won’t get any response from a message like this, because no-one can contact you.

    If you want to look for a holiday exchange – i.e., temporary exchange of home for any period, you should join

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