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The new login page might look the same as before, but is now more secure than previously.

The effect of this is, if you click “Log me in automatically next time on this computer”, then always us the same computer, you will be able to get in without being asked for your password, if you last visited Geenee within a year.

But if you use more than one computer, then the security will insist on you giving your password the first time you use each computer, after using another computer

The golden rule is (and this applies to all websites on the internet), if you are not on your own computer, never click “Log me in automatically next time on this computer”, because until you log in again, anyone on that computer can log in to your account without a password. And if you are not on your own computer, always remember to log out – which clears the cookie out.

Other alterations to the Geenee Log In  page, are that you now given more information about why your login failed. We also strip out any spaces that you leave before or after the email address or password.

Author: Geenee Pete

5 thoughts on “Geenee’s Login Page

  1. Due to various attempted attacks on our system involving the ““Log me in automatically” facility, we are removing it until we can ensure that the site is secure.

    “Remember Me” is always considered a security risk, on any site, which is possibly why we have had so many attempts to hack in via this route. None have succeeded, but I am taking it down whilst we run extra checks, and ensure that safeguards are in place.

  2. Hi,
    I’m just checking that my registration has gone through – it seems that it is “pending activation”.

  3. Property ‘120546’. I would like to delete my property please. The other contact page is not sending my emails to you.

  4. There is always a very short delay before your membership is activated, whilst “humans” check your application.

    I see that you have now been activated, and that you have logged in, so everything is in order.

  5. I have passed your message to our Customer Support, who will be in touch with you.

    If you could give me more details of which page you mean by “The other contact page”, I would really like to fix it.

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