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Protecting your privacy and security is our top priority. That’s why all our members have their own ‘My Geenee’ page, which lets you contact other members without revealing your name or contact details. (This also keeps you safe from spam and other intrusions on your inbox.)

Once you’ve found a potential swapper, you can tell them a bit more, but even then you only need to give them your e-mail address. It’s up to you when you give them your full details. With Geenee, you’re always in control.

For more information about our ‘Privacy Policy’ click here.

4 thoughts on “Your security and privacy

  1. You can’t change your own password, but you can change a password by contacting us, using the link at the top of just about every page on the site.

  2. Firefox will not let me login to your site. Saying is not safe to do so, because others can spy on me. Is this true.

    Thank you

  3. This is a standard message from Firefox, which appears if you do not use secure login via SSL.

    You are logging into an earlier version of the site. Strictly speaking, it is true, but very unlikely.

    However, you should be logging in to the newer, more secure version of the site using https://

    We have now amended the site so that you are automatically sent to the correct page.

    If you try to visit the page
    you will now be sent to the correct page

    This means that if you write any links, they should all start with https:// rather than http://
    and also, the www should be removed.

    So should now be written

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