Allan and Lorraine

Hi. Thanks for clicking through. We’d like to introduce ourselves: we’re the people behind Geenee.

Travel has always been part of our lives. We met at business school in France, and now we live in London. Lorraine’s Canadian and Allan’s Australian. Our three children are just confused.

We’ve realised that we live very differently in different places. In Australia we live on the beach. In Canada we organise adventures in the vast outdoor playground. In London we soak up history and art in the fabulous museums. We’ve learnt to take the best each place has to offer and live it to the full.

We feel richer for all the subtle little ways our travels have changed us. Because it’s often the intangible things that leave the strongest impression: the quirks, passions and foibles that make a city unique.

These are the things we find ourselves telling people about when we get home. After all, everyone knows what Big Ben looks like, or the Chrysler Building. But only we know about the crazy landlord at the Rose and Crown. Or that funny little gallery off 14th Street. The sort of stuff only the locals know about.

And becoming a local is, we’ve found, the best way to get to know a place. We’ve swapped homes with friends, or friends of friends, all over the world. Not only is it cheaper than a hotel (and easier with kids), but you also get much closer to the true heart of the place.

We think home swapping is the best way to travel, and we’ve formed Geenee to make it as easy as possible for other people to do it. We’re excited about the future; about where we’ll go next. And we’d love you to come too. So come on and be part of it.

Allan and Lorraine

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