Travel Channel to do home exchange series

Thursday May 11, 2006 10:28 AM

In a nutshell, The Travel Channel are attempting to capture the phenomenon of home exchange and profile it in a half hour pilot. Danya Berman, based in LA, is the casting director for the new series which will air on the travel channel. In Danya’s words “Geenee has been selected as THE party to join us on this path to a great series”

They are looking to follow two parties (either families or couples) as they trade homes this summer. For story reasons, they need both parties of the exchange to participate on the show. They also would prefer to have both parties in the US, but can make exceptions for London and Paris (and some outlying cities to both). It sounds like a lot of fun, and they will make sure you benefit from it all.

So if you have organized an exchange for this summer, and you are interested, please contact me at as soon as you can. I will send you more details. The issue is (of course!) TIME. Like all television productions they are on an “I need it yesterday!” schedule. After they select the participants, their small crew will fly out to film for a couple days.

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