Geenee to keep open-use policy

Wednesday April 1, 2009 2:51 PM

Geenee, the rapidly growing home-exchange service, will keep its open membership policy in effect despite the company’s soaring popularity.

Geenee members can browse homes, list their homes, and even contact other members without paying a fee. Members only pay for their exchanges when they have found an exchange partner and are ready for their vacations.

The idea is simple: You stay in someone else’s house while they stay in yours. Both of you get to experience a new place while living like a local – of seeing the city from the inside out, not the outside in.

The site now has 12 000 home listings, including 3000 in the United States and Canada, almost 5000 in France, and almost 2000 in the United Kingdom. In 2008 alone, it facilitated 4000 exchanges, and its list of homes is now the largest of any site with an open membership policy.

It has also added a host of services that will make the experience of home-exchange easier, more secure, and more comfortable.

These new offerings include a Concierge Service, Security & Insurance Services, Professional Cleaning, Home Preparation (including stocking the kitchen), Airport Pick-Up, and many more.

The growing Geenee package is sure to be popular, especially as the economic slowdown encourages people to make more use of home-exchange.

“These days, young professionals need to relax more than ever,” Geenee CEO Andy Knapp says, “and with the price of flights at its lowest level in years, now is a great time to try a Home Exchange. With Geenee, you don’t have to worry about paying up front, and we’ve created the partnerships you need to get the safest and most exciting experience out of your swap.”

“For families, it offers other special benefits,” he adds. “By trading with other families, they can be sure that their vacation home will be kid-friendly and that their neighbors will be used to the presence of children.”

Geenee members will tell you that everyone knows what the Eiffel tower looks like. But only a local would know to grab a bite at Restaurant Aux Trois Mailletz in the 5th Arrondissement, where the pianos don’t stop until well into the morning.

With Geenee, that could be you.

Geenee Contact Information

Andrew Knapp, Chief Executive Officer

First Canadian Place
100 King St W, Suite 5700
Toronto, ON M5X 1C7

Phone: +1.416.915.4232
Fax: +1.416.915.3177

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