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First Line Duplex Apartment Between Two Seas

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Nice, comfortable apartment in La Manga, between two very different seas: the Mediterranean and Mar Menor.

An exceptional place in Costa Cà¡lida, Murcia.

The distance between the two seas is no more than a hundred metres, and you are right in the middle between the two.

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The apartment is on the fifth and sixth floors and has great views.

Kitchen, three bedrooms ideal for four people, two bathrooms, terrace with drying rack, covered parking, swimming pool, and pleasant surroundings.


Our Neighbourhood GolfBeach

La Manga del Mar Menor (in Murcia, Spain) is a twenty-four kilometres long strip of land reaching northwards from Cabo de Palos. It was created through sedimentation caused by the sea currents.

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On the western side of the strip is Mar Menor, which is like a big lake of salty water with a small opening, and to the east is the Mediterranean.

The two seas communicate through two canals called "golas", through which the water flows between them.

During the sixteenth century what we know today as Mar Menor was an open bay, and La Manga was a long border of small islets, very close to each other. However, over the following centuries the sedimentation accumulated between these islets until eventually La Manga del Mar Menor was formed.

These areas of dunes remained unchanged until the sixties, when its potential for tourism was discovered, and big buildings slowly began to fill the landscape.

Now this area basically lives on tourism that populates its beaches during the whole year thanks to the warm climate, and it forms part of the Estación Nà¡utica Mar Menor, which provides sports activities of various kinds, and particularly sailing because of Mar Menor's excellent natural resources for this.

Its special ecological characteristics makes the Mar Menor a unique place, and it is the biggest salty lake in Europe. It is semicircular in form, and separated from the Mediterranean by a strip of sand called La Manga del Mar Menor, which is twenty-two kilometres long and between a hundred and twelve hundred metres wide.

The lagoon has been designated a specially protected area of the Mediterranean by the UNESCO, spanning seventy-three kilometres of beaches with transparent and shallow water with a maximum depth of less than seven metres and a surface area of 170 km2.


A wonderful area for nautical sports.

Cultural facilities in the towns of Cartagena and Murcia.

Plenty of shopping facilities nearby.


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Exchange wanted for a fortnight or any other length of time at any time of the year, or for a week in the Easter holidays.

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We are a couple of teachers and do not need big house, but a well positioned and well furnished one, in a European or American or Asian city (London, Edinburgh, Munich, Athens, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Moscow, USA, Canada, Japan, etc).

We don't smoke, and we don't not want any animals.



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Property Waterfront Apartment
Sleeps 4 (3 Bedrooms)
Bathrooms 2
Airport San Javier; Murcia (38 km)

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