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Quartier Tranquille Près Du Centre-ville

Our Home

Our home is located in a quiet district just eleven minutes from the centre of Montreal, and it is designed as a safe and pleasant dwelling for a family with two young children.

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Our cottage (with two stories plus a furnished basement) has a large master bedroom (with a fully organic king size bed) and two nursery bedrooms (for our children, who will be nine and ten years old next summer).

On the ground floor there is a spacious kitchen, with a table for simple meals, and a dining room large enough to receive six to twelve guests for more elaborate meals.

In the basement there is a TV room, a playroom and a laundry.

In the backyard there is a large covered terrace (12' x 24') for enjoying the pleasures of the summertime.

There is also a swimming pool where you can cool off and keep the children amused.

There is ample space for the children to run about and play.

The house is air conditioned, and heated with a geothermal heat pump.

Everything that can possibly be needed for children is available and ready for use.

High-speed internet is also available.


Our Neighbourhood

This is an ideal neighbourhood for a young family!

There is a very large park just sixty-five metres away, and there is just one quiet and safe street to cross to get there.

In the park there is a football (soccer) field, a volleyball court, four tennis courts and a playground for children, as well as a water play area.

More about the neighbourhood

About a hundred and sixty metres away there is an aqueduct, with a lovely dedicated bike path which leads from Lachine to the Old Harbour.

On the other side of the canal, which you can cross via a footbridge, there is the huge Angrignon Park, where you feel as if you were in the forest.

We have two adult bikes which you can use to explore all these places as a family (unless you want to do it on rollerblades!). We also have 3 bikes for the childrens (and a double buggy for babies).

At the other side of the neighbourhood, eight hundred and fifty metres away, there are the lovely banks of the Saint Lawrence River, with beautiful scenery and another pleasant bike path.

To the north, the spacious grounds of the Douglas Hospital is also a nice place to take a stroll.

There are grocery stores and a shopping centre nearby. And there is also the Atwater Market, where you can stock up with fresh produce and local products.

And, of course, just eleven minutes away (or thirty minutes by bike or public transport), the whole of Montreal is at your disposition!

Two electric cars are available: a Tesla Model S and a Chevrolet Volt. Thus, you will be able to travel without using any petrol.


About Us

We are Thierry and Marie, and we are in our early fourties.

We are the parents of a ten-year-old little girl and a eight-year-old little boy.

Thierry, an engineer, is Electric fleet expert.

Mary is a nurse in pedopscychiatry.

More about us

This year, we would like to find a house in the northeast of North America (at a drinving distance) so we would exchange home but not cars (we could meet halfway to exchange our home keys).

We did our first exchange in the summer of 2010 (Bordeaux). Then we exchanged in summer 2016 (Versailles) and summer 2017 (Reims).



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Property Urban House
Sleeps 8 (3 Bedrooms)
Bathrooms 1
Airport Montréal (dorval) (19 km)

When & Where

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CarTennis court
PoolBicycles (2)
TV (Satellite)Dishwasher

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About Us

Travellers4 (2 Adults, 2 Children)
Languages English / French
OccupationIngénieur / Infirmière
Member since26-06-2010
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Considering the décor and furnishings throughout the home
Balconies, terraces, garden. Considering the size, availability of garden furniture or the type of garden (parkland or flowerbed). Communal facilities not included here.
Reasonable consideration of the tranquillity. All possible noise disturbances will be mentioned in the description (motorway, main road, railway line and so on)
No smoking allowed
No pets allowed
No young children allowed
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