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Come see gorgeous New York City over Christmas and New Year, in a cosy, cute apartment in trendy and hip Brooklyn! With views you otherwise only see on TV!

We are a mid-twenties couple who live in Brooklyn Heights, which is a borough right outside of Manhattan.

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Google it - you'll see that I really do mean RIGHT outside!

We live about five minutes from the footpath onto the Brooklyn Bridge, which is a great walk to take, in any season! We also live about five minutes from the famous Brooklyn Promenade, which has views that you have undoubtedly seen before, in the movies or on TV.

New York City is a super-romantic, super-fun place to be, in any season, but particularly in the winter. In the summer, though it is a great place, it can be very hot and muggy! There are so many beautifully decorated stores and parks, so many great museums and Broadway shows, so many great places to eat, and so many places to go out and party!

Our apartment is certainly small, but it has everything you need! It is a one-bedroom (that two of us live comfortably in), with a living room, a bedroom, a small kitchen and a bathroom, and a large private backyard. The backyard has a big table in it with lots of chairs and benches to sit on, and Christmas lights all the year around, and it is a really pretty place to eat meals or just get some fresh air! We have never had any pets, don't smoke inside the house, and are very neat and clean people who take a lot of pride in keeping our apartment as cute and as nice as it can be!

The kitchen is fully-stocked with a large fridge, a stove, pots and pans, etc. We have a comfortable couch which pulls out into a sofa-bed if you want to have guests over, and we have a small television and DVD player, as well as a square dining room table. We also have a full-sized bed with a very comfortable memory-foam mattress!

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For a description of Brooklyn Heights, see,_Brooklyn.


Our Neighbourhood

Brooklyn Heights, which is where I grew up, is an excellent place to stay when you are coming to see New York City, because you can get to Manhattan and do all the sightseeing you want within minutes, but you are in a hip, nice, safe and very pretty neighbourhood.

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Brooklyn Heights is notorious for its brownstones and tree-lined blocks, as well as its super-convenient access to tons of subway lines that will all take you into Manhattan in only about five minutes (we live at the first stop in Brooklyn on every subway line)!

There are lots of great restaurants nearby, as well as very trendy shopping (boutiques and chain stores like American Apparel, Brooklyn Industries, Banana Republic, etc) just a short walk away.


About Us

Please take a look at the pictures of our apartment, and contact us if you might be interested in swapping. We're happy to answer any questions you might have.

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We are also planning on leaving whoever comes to stay at our apartment a handy-dandy basket of useful stuff, like a NYC subway map, a neighbourhood map, and ideas and suggestions for fun things to do in the neighbourhood and in Manhattan, etc!

My boyfriend is a writer, and I am in graduate school to become a Nurse Practitioner. We are really excited about the idea of an apartment swap, as we have been wanting to go leave NY during Christmas time for lots of years! It seems much more economical to take this trip and be able to enjoy someone else's apartment and be able to cook for ourselves and not have to book a hotel. We are also thrilled at the idea of helping people come to NYC and experience it all from our apartment!



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Property Urban Apartment
Sleeps 2 (1 Bedrooms)
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Airport JFK International Airport / Newark / LaGuardia (19 km)

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