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Ty An Aod

Our Home

In a quiet area, away from the summer crowds, but just two steps from a creek where you can do all kinds of water sports: sailing, fishing, swimming and sunbathing if the weather allows. From the property, which is situated on a footpath, you have views over Brest harbour.

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The house, which is in the style of a "neo-Breton farmhouse", dominates the garden which does not obstruct the view of the sea, which offers constantly changing views through the coming and going of the tide and the reflection of the sky, which goes from black or grey to azure blue or jade green.


Our Neighbourhood Beach

The property is 1500 meters from a sizable village with over 1000 inhabitants. If you want to get away from it all, walking, cycling or by car, there is no shortage of opportunities here on this peninsula! Crozon, Morgat and Camaret with their sandy beaches are some 12 km away.

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And if you want a bit of town life, Locronan, Quimper and Brest are about 70 km away. And why not do a day trip to the islands: Sein, Molène and Ouessant?


About Us

We are a retired couple wishing to swap or rent out our second home.


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Property Waterfront House
Sleeps 4 (2 Bedrooms)
Bathrooms 1
Airport Brest (70 km)

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Languages French
Member since06-11-2008
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Location of the property i.e. distance from central position, attractions and shops; Considering the cleanliness and safety of the surrounding streets; Includes the settings and views.
Considering the décor and furnishings throughout the home
Balconies, terraces, garden. Considering the size, availability of garden furniture or the type of garden (parkland or flowerbed). Communal facilities not included here.
Reasonable consideration of the tranquillity. All possible noise disturbances will be mentioned in the description (motorway, main road, railway line and so on)
No smoking allowed
No pets allowed
No young children allowed
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