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House in Angers, in a peaceful and quiet area, but still very close to the city centre.
The Loire châteaux, the river banks, Paris 2½ hours away, 1½ to the sea.

Our Neighbourhood

Peaceful and quiet yet near the city centre with its Jardin du Mail etc.

About Us

This is our second home exchange, and the idea of home swapping still strikes us as the best way of travelling, discovering, meeting people...The first one was very great!


A Geenee Member visited from 05 Aug 2008 to 15 Aug 2008, and said :

My home exchange was successful. There were more prepared than I was. They went out of thier way to give information on the town, like places to eat and things to do.

They were great



Property Urban House
Sleeps 6 (4 Bedrooms)
Bathrooms 2
Airport Angers (20 km)

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About Us

Travellers4 (2 Adults, 2 Children)
Languages English / French
OccupationChef de service Educatif / Professeur
Member since16-06-2008
Featured City
Location of the property i.e. distance from central position, attractions and shops; Considering the cleanliness and safety of the surrounding streets; Includes the settings and views.
Considering the décor and furnishings throughout the home
Balconies, terraces, garden. Considering the size, availability of garden furniture or the type of garden (parkland or flowerbed). Communal facilities not included here.
Reasonable consideration of the tranquillity. All possible noise disturbances will be mentioned in the description (motorway, main road, railway line and so on)
No smoking allowed
No pets allowed
No young children allowed
Only experienced exchangers
Kosher only
Experienced swapper
Based on feedback, Members earn Geenees for being good exchangers. One Geenee is very good. Three is excellent.
Our Neighbourhood
Long weekends considered
Open to Offers
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