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This is a lovely four bedroomed family bungalow in a rural (not remote) setting in county cork. It is situated about 8kms from the town of Macroom and approximately 32kms from Cork city (same distance to the airport ie cork airport).

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You will see from the pictures that it has a large front lawn and for a family of six it is just the perfect size and a very peaceful location. As a final note it is by no means a palace with a swimming pool and a jacuzzi and conservatory at the back unfortunately these are the extras that we hope to include when time and resourses allow us sometime in the future but to summerise its clean and comfortable and its just simply a family home.


Our Neighbourhood

Our immediate neighbours are lovely people with mostly grown up children but in the surrounding area where we live there are lots of families with young children so its quite a busy little place enough.

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Because its a mostly rural enviornment it is isint a question of bumping into your next door neighbour when you come out your front door in the morning as in an urban setting this is simply a rural enviornment with the freedom to come and go as you please and no one to bother you.


About Us

My wife and i are a couple in our mid forties (she keeps reminding me that she's younger than me but i remind her that its not by that much) and we have four children three boys and a girl who is also the eldest and they range in ages of between 10 and 18.

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(they are actually more expensive to maintain as they get older not less as one might have thought). We are a very respectable couple though we are not professionals ourselves we live a very comfortable life here in county cork and just to note that if you ever decide to house share with us you can rest assured that your house would be shown the utmost respect and would be returned to you exactly as you left it.



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Property Rural House
Sleeps 6 (4 Bedrooms)
Bathrooms 1
Airport Cork Airport (32 km)

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