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You know you’re in New York even before the incredible sight of Manhattan grows in the window of your yellow cab. (The cab itself is an icon, of course – as is the guy doing the driving.) And then you see it: that skyline. Takes your breath away every time. No city epitomises sheer, outrageous confidence like this one.

That attitude fizzes and crackles just as much at street level. It’s like they built energy into the stonework. You can’t help but absorb it. Of course the town is chock-a-block with museums, galleries and fabulous buildings. But a great New York day can equally well be spent hanging out in a favourite café or deli (trust us, you’ll soon have one), just absorbing the sheer hurly-burly ballyhoo of it all.

Summer Camp

The uniquely American tradition of summer camp is observed by over 11 million children a year. As well as helping them develop, it’s a perfect way for parents to enjoy a well-earned grown-up holiday in New York.


If you’ve got rhythm, New York will bring it out, with some of the world’s most prestigious studios and finest teachers. From Broadway star to six year-old starlet, there’s no better place to dance than New York.

Local passions: Dance


Whether your taste runs to Top Hat, Fame or All That Jazz, there’s no better place for dance fans than New York. Here you’ll find some of the world’s most prestigious studios, and the finest teachers of ballet, modern, tap and jazz – even hip-hop. This is where hip-hop, rap and break-dancing began, on the streets of Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx. Today, it’s secured its place alongside the other great dance traditions.

Whether you’re a Broadway star or a six year-old starlet, there’s no better place to dance than old New York.


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