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Everyone knows LA, of course. They’ve seen it in the movies. Which means they know it’s hot, sunny and full of movie stars with more plastic in their faces than their wallets.

Of course that’s not true. Well, it’s not the whole truth. When you live here, as part of this sprawling, shiny, clamouring city, you discover there’s a lot more to it than palm trees and botox. The beach is important of course – there’s so much of it and it’s incredibly beautiful. But after a hard day’s rollerblading or surfing, there’s a rich cultural life in LA crying out to be enjoyed, from opera and concerts to museums and theatre. Or just go for a big night out on the Strip. You can always do the culture tomorrow.


These days, there may be more people promoting yoga in LA than there are writing screenplays. It’s that big. And everybody’s welcome, from complete novices to experienced contortionists. Come and find out what all the fuss is about.


Film courses

LA is the home of the movies. You can’t help but get caught up in the buzz and, before you know it, you’re signing up for a film course and dreaming of the day you collect that Oscar.


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Los Angeles

Los Angeles Rollerblading

LA is a world of its own, from yoga gurus to movie magnates. Discover it for yourself as an honorary Angeleno.



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