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Somehow it’s no surprise that London’s been around for over 1,000 years. You can feel it. For one thing, the place is full of those blue plaques telling you that this was once the home of Charles Dickens (48 Doughty Street) or Nancy Astor (4 St James’s Square).

The great thing is that London’s not stuck in its past. It’s never going to become a beautifully preserved old fossil, the way some historic cities do. It’s got far too much energy and spirit and sheer cheek for that. You can’t stand back and watch London go by – you’ve got to jump right in. Which is what home exchange – living as a local – is all about.


Today, London has blossomed into the culinary capital of the world. And even if you don’t know one end of an egg from the other, you can learn to cook simple but exceptional dishes at home.

Local passions: Culinary


15 years ago, the idea of London as the world’s culinary capital would have been laughable. Today, it’s almost universally acknowledged. Whatever else the excesses of the 80s brought, they created a knowledge of, and demand for, fine food that has blossomed into a wonderful culinary culture in London. Here you’ll find the finest chefs, the most exquisite menus – and a chance to learn some chef skills yourself.

Even if you find it a struggle not to burn toast, you can learn to cook with the best. That doesn’t mean spending hours over ingredients you’ve never even heard of, either. The chefs carefully select dishes that you’ll be able to prepare and cook easily at home, with your new-found skills.

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